Attracting a Collaborative Mindset

Bringing a new type of law firm to life

Frustrated by the rigid and sometimes stifling environment of traditional law firm hierarchies, Converse Law founders Richard Spencer and Imdaad Sulaiman set out to create a different type of law firm. One in which they would be able to practice the law that they loved and excelled at, but in an environment that valued entrepreneurial flair, a collegiate atmosphere and genuine work-life balance.

Five successful years later, the culture and mindset of the consultants and lawyers that work with Converse Law is more important than ever. As demand for their property and commercial law services continues to grow, attracting and retaining people with the behaviours that reflect the ethos of the founders, and their business and entrepreneur client-base, remains equally vital. Defining a people strategy and developing an effective employer brand was key to attracting culturally-aligned candidates and new hires.

Unlocking the potential of Converse Law

Understanding the business strategy and ambitions, as well as the competencies, motivations and behaviours of key stakeholders was our starting point for creating a narrative that brought the Converse Law vision to life. In-depth interviews with recent recruits and longer serving lawyers revealed that prior to joining Converse Law, they had been keen to reignite their enthusiasm for legal practice. Recognition for their contributions, and working alongside talented and ambitious colleagues equally driven by personal and collective results, ranked highly. Several were also motivated by the desire to have space for autonomy, to use their significant experience to deliver the best outcomes for clients.

Trust emerged as a central theme, and it was from this foundation that the employer value proposition was built:

We don’t just value people who are good at what they do. We value good people.

In addition to an inherent assumption of credibility and competence, the messaging conveyed a clear intent: Converse Law focuses on providing their lawyers with freedom, respect and support; because if they’re happy and motivated, they’ll do a good job for clients.

“The Bretom team quickly got to grips with what distinguishes Converse in the legal marketplace, resulting in outstanding recruitment materials. We’re really proud of the results.”

Richard, Partner, Converse Law

Reaching recruits

The proposition and key messaging have been infused throughout the employee journey to establish awareness of Converse Law’s approach and build brand credibility. We brought the story to life for potential recruits by inviting them to engage with the firm through a modern, professional brochure, referral cards and emails. Copy and design consistency has been carried through to the careers landing page and targeted social media in-mails to reinforce recognition messaging and develop interest amongst the preferred candidates.

Positioning a brand for success

The team at Bretom work with established brands, SMEs and entrepreneurs across a wide variety of sectors. We recognise that every client is different and our partnership ethos ensures the right solution is always delivered and that meaningful brands are built. If you’d like to discuss your company and how we can help you position the brand for success, get in touch!

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