Our brief

The management team at Securus have always been passionate about online safeguarding and are highly regarded for their expert support of teachers and designated safeguarding leaders across the UK and beyond. With demand increasing and opportunities arising in different sectors, Securus’ needed a new website that would offer an intuitive visitor experience and clear messaging. This was brought into sharp focus in 2020 when millions of school children were forced into online learning as a result of the global pandemic.

Evolving a customer-centric approach

Our objective was to reinforce Securus’ position as the leading provider of online security software and services to the education sector, delivering greater engagement with the Securus brand and its solutions.

Acknowledging and responding to the challenges of its audience, the content was carefully re-focused to place the customer at the centre. The website navigation has been evolved to more closely match the user journey whilst the benefits of Securus’ software and services are now clearly highlighted, with icons bringing the content to life to aid engagement.

“We are extremely happy with the new Securus website. We worked closely with Bretom through the whole process; their team answered our brief, guiding us through changes to content in a quick and timely manner, as well as training our staff.”

Derek, Chairman, Securus Software

Securus’ pioneering approach and the significant experience of its team presented via smart, succinct profiles and individual contact details, offer credibility and a more personable connection with the audience. Elsewhere, details of the safeguarding partners that they work with and increased prominence of customer testimonials further build trust. The blog has been re-organised and expanded to allow enhanced search and the opportunity to demonstrate best practice and success stories.

Styling throughout the site balances a clean, fresh design with strong links to the brand’s heritage through the use of the colour palette. Accent colours have brought personalisation to imagery as well as highlighting key information and clearly signposting contact details.

The new digital platform offers expanded opportunities to share rich content including product demos and customer videos that clearly explain the value they’ve derived from Securus solutions. An easy-to-use content management system also allows the internal team to update the site with ease and respond to customer enquiries seamlessly.

Positioning a brand for success

The team at Bretom work with established brands, SMEs and entrepreneurs across a wide variety of sectors. We recognise that every client is different and our partnership ethos ensures the right solution is always delivered and that meaningful brands are built. If you’d like to discuss your company and how we can help you position the brand for success, get in touch!

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