“Storytelling is key to the success”

The courage to lead

Communicating insight

Storytelling is often key to success in brand communications. Industries move forward when people have the foresight to ask the right questions, and the skill to tell a compelling story of change.

Global procurement consultancy, Proxima, and Supply Management Insider recently completed an extensive ‘State of Procurement’ survey, exploring the present and future reality of the industry including the role of procurement within a business, supplier relations and the impact of technology. The insights were powerful, and potentially valuable to all businesses that procure services from others. The challenge was to communicate the findings in a way that was positive, creative and clear. Enter Bretom!

Leading with the story

Both the form and the content of the report needed to be world-class. We developed a new visual identity for Proxima Thought Leadership (starting with this report), that was both on-brand and unique. Key data points and the related insights were presented via infographics rather than vast amounts of text, to allow the user to quickly and easily understand the story.

Storytelling is key to the success of any type of communication. We reviewed all elements of the report through the eyes of the end audience — procurement professionals — to ensure the insights were not lost in the detail. It was essential that each reader was engaged in the messages that had emerged from the survey, and could connect it to the reality of their own role and business.


As a consultancy, we see part of our role as leading the procurement industry into the future, engaging all parties in challenging and constructive conversations about how to do things better. Bretom has delivered an A+ project to support this vision.”

Sarah, Head of Marketing, Proxima


Likewise, the thought leadership articles that accompanied the findings needed to feel clear, compelling and consistent (despite being written by multiple people). Bretom managed this whole process, to ensure that the outputs of this project reflect the care, commitment and vision that Proxima put into it.

Positioning a brand for success

The team at Bretom work with established brands, SMEs and entrepreneurs across a wide variety of sectors. We recognise that every client is different and our partnership ethos ensures the right solution is always delivered and that meaningful brands are built. If you’d like to discuss your company and how we can help you position the brand for success, get in touch!