We are waltzing into a 
new era of hypermobility:
the anywhere office*.

Why an ‘Anywhere Office’ works for us

As Ryan Asdourian, senior director at Microsoft said, “With technology on our side, the opportunities are endless as the reimagined modern workplace is here.” It’s no longer the future but a reality for some to work in the ‘anywhere office’ and it’s made possible by the digital infrastructure available to us. In fact, over the last 10 years to 2016 the number of people working from home in the UK has increased by a fifth2 and studies predict that 38% of full time, permanent staff will work mainly remotely within the next 10 years3.

Bretom has embraced the ‘anywhere office’ model since its inception and it’s one of the reasons I joined the agency last month.

After years in the corporate industry I craved a full time change to my working pattern knowing full well it was possible with the technology available at our fingertips. Pivoting my client relationship career from finance to marketing has enabled me to embrace the remote working culture at Bretom and I’ve not looked back.

My motivation to make this change was to unlock my creative side, enjoy the work I do and the way I do it. There’s no reason why you need to commit to a daily commute on a packed train or tube to get yourself to work to sit at a desk with a computer, which you have available at home.  For me it’s now a matter of getting up, boiling the kettle and opening the laptop. I get to my work quicker, I’m less stressed and my work/life balance is finally balanced again.

How remote working works at Bretom

Bretom doesn’t have an office with beanbags. Instead we work under the ethos of the ‘anywhere office’ in that our people can literally work from anywhere; be it from their home, a co-working space, the local coffee shop or even abroad. We’re committed to working and communicating whenever, however and through whichever channels maximize the value we can deliver to our clients.

Many of our community of talented individuals have jumped off the treadmill, walked away from the rat race and taken control of their work/life balance. The remote working operating model works for them, for me and importantly for our clients and here’s why:

Why we’re a remote working company

For Bretom, the advantages of being a remote working company outweigh the advantages of having the whole team under one roof. Here’s why:

  1. Increased productivity studies show that remote workers are more productive than those working in open plan offices. This certainly applies to me, I embrace the flexibility to work how I want and most importantly how I work best!
  2. Wider recruitment pool – because we all work in the ‘anywhere office’, location isn’t an issue. This means we can recruit from anywhere in the world and ensure that we get the best talent for a particular piece of work.
  3. Flexibility first – without a fixed office space, our team can grow and shrink on a monthly (even daily!) basis to support the needs to our clients. This means we can be nimble and responsive to anything that comes our way.
  4. Listening to people – Remote working requires exceptional communication skills. And as a result, you really get to know people – building bonds and understanding the skills and expertise of individuals. I already know people in the Bretom team better than I knew colleagues who sat opposite me for years!

Why this model works for people like me

I’ll be honest, I was nervous about remote working but the benefits I hoped for are already apparent:

  1. Control over my time: I can finally avoid the tube at rush hour! Instead, my previous commuting time can be spent working on client work or achieving that work/life balance we all strive for.
  2. Less interruptions – people are motivated to produce better work because they have more autonomy over where and when they work. They chose the optimal working environment for them, which means they get less interruptions and can focus on the task at hand.
  3. Quality time – Bretom doesn’t have meetings for the sake of it! But when we do need to work together we ‘hangout’ digitally or pick an inspiring workspace. No two days are the same, which I love.

The benefits remote working brings to our clients

Our working model is part of Bretom’s core DNA. We appreciate it’s not for everyone, but our clients also benefit in a number of ways:

  1. No office overheads – Bretom believes in transparency and offering value for money in all our commercial dealings. Our agency model allows us to deliver cost-efficiencies directly to our clients.
  2. More time to keep up to date in our industry – by utilising our time more effectively (with the avoidance of unnecessary meetings or extended commutes) we have time to invest in pro-active research and industry updates. This knowledge is passed back to our clients.
  3. Flexibility – we can work from anywhere, and our clients love that we’re happy to camp in their offices from time to time – working as an extension of internal teams rather than suppliers. We can also scale up our teams, around the globe, to ensure our clients always receive the support they need.
  4. Every client has a single key contact – Whilst we’ve embraced digital nomad mentality, we’ve kept some things traditional. All clients have a single point of contact at Bretom, so they always know who to call regardless of where we’re working that day.


So, there you have it it’s no longer a Dolly Parton world “working 9 to 5” as we depart from traditional working practices and remote working becomes more of an industry standard.  Bretom’s culture harnesses the belief of getting the job done well and we have proven to our client base that we don’t need to be altogether under one roof to achieve this.

And our approach works for the agency, our people and our clients. 

And three weeks in, I can hand on heart say I’ve got a more meaningful balanced working life and I haven’t looked back.

Bretom.  Working differently. Consistently delivering.