Done well, personas 
unlock a deep
the individuals you
want to talk to

The power of personas

Personas. One of the hottest buzzwords in the world of people communications, and with good reason. Done well, Personas unlock a deep understanding of the individuals you want to talk to, generating impactful and cost-effective strategies for attraction, retention and engagement. But why is it so important now?

‘make it about me’

Consumer brands have long used sophisticated segmentations to target campaigns and connect emotionally with an audience. They have to: it’s a crowded, competitive marketplace where product superiority alone will not secure a customer. And here’s the naked truth: it’s the same for employer brands.

The expectations that today’s workforce has of their employer has changed – they want personalised communication, rewarding career opportunities that are right for them, and a relationship of equals. The scarcity of exceptional talent continues to challenge even the most experienced of recruiters, so authentic and relevant communications are needed to stand out. And this is where Personas come in.

Personas are realistic representations of audience segments, rooted in human values and motivations. At Bretom, we are so convinced that they provide the strategic foundation for all people comms that we’ve developed a rigorous, proven and unique approach to building Employee Personas.

We’ve combined our expertise in people comms, person-centred coaching, segmentation analytics and storytelling to build a 6-step journey. Have a wander through the journey below, maybe pondering the questions for YOUR employer brand.

What’s your single biggest people challenge? How might a deeper understanding of your audience help move that forward?

What REALLY motivates people to choose your company, or to do their job?


How might peoples’ motivations be similar or different? What groups might emerge?

What are the macro trends in your workforce? Which ‘groups’ are most common? How do your people want to work and want to feel at work?

How do you bring people’s stories to life in a way that makes your organisation sit up and listen? Smile? Nod in recognition?

With a deep, human understanding of the people you want to reach, what might you do differently to engage them?

Primary benefits of creating personas

  • You will lay the foundations for a people comms strategy, actually centred on people. Our objective, ‘make no assumptions’ research will surface the attributes, motivations and values that really drive people’s behaviour.
  • You will access the tools to connect with people at a human level but on a manageable scale, improving employee engagement through tailored messages for defined audiences.
  • You will understand how to humanise your employer brand for candidates, allowing people to identify your company’s values and ensure it’s the right cultural fit for them, improving performance and retention in the longer term.
  • You will see a greater return on investment from your comms activity, through more relevant, compelling messages.

Unlocking Understanding

On top of all this, the experience of building Personas the Bretom way is a fun, engaging and enlightening process – we absolutely love this stuff! To talk more about unlocking a far-reaching understanding of your people and connecting with them at a deeply human level, contact Rebecca at