“Our stories define us…”

Stories connect with the heart and the imagination, helping us to make sense of the world on a more subconscious level. Great stories help us to recognise elements of our own experience, our own hopes and fears, within the narrative. As human beings, we all want to be seen and heard, to be significant and to feel that we belong somewhere.

Stories are a crucial part of a powerful employer brand, allowing people to understand your message on an emotional level, to recognise their own values and motivations, and to imagine themselves as part of the story. They create a human connection between employer and employee.

Powerful stories…

… resonate

A reader connects with a story by identifying with the motivations and behaviours of the heroes and the villains. An employer needs to truly understand it’s audiences, in order to build an employment story that resonates, attracts and engages.

… point to a greater cause

People now look past pay-cheques and benefit packages when considering future roles. They look for employers who can serve personal self-interests whilst delivering against a greater purpose. Every organisation has an amazing story to tell, but you need to capture it and spread it widely.

… show the light and the dark

It is always tempting to elaborate the positives of a story, making the hero invincible. In reality, this 
is rarely the case and something people struggle to relate to. The authenticity shown as a company will have a major influence on your success of your story. You therefore need to promote the positives, but also deliver on the realities of working in your organisation.

… leave room for interpretation

It is easy to overcomplicate stories with details that may be relevant, or of interest, to some but not to everyone. An employer brand needs to be accessible. Straight forward. Recognisable. Whilst having the depth and flexibility to support all areas of the business.

You need to create an employer brand that supports the business today and provides the opportunity for development to support the businesses’ future needs.

Finally, our stories define us.

With the power of social media, this is the new direction of business and relationships. People connect with other people. Your brand should therefore empower your people to take ownership for the organisation’s employer reputation. Defining it. Promoting it. Being proud of it.

Jump In

Working with Bretom is consistently surprising, just like every great adventure story. We want you to jump in with us as we discover new lands. Feel the jolt of surprise as we go down unexplored paths. Walk amongst a band of fairy godmothers (and fathers) who have all the tools you need for the journey. Experience the rush of adrenaline as innovative solutions unfold. And share our pride in executing magical, inspiring, transformational work.

We know this approach isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok. But we’re convinced it works, and so are our clients – take a look at some of these fairytale endings. So, if you’re intrigued by the idea of consistently unexpected approaches to recruitment, internal, brand and candidate comms, or need help defining your story, get in touch with Rebecca.