Dear Brands: Be more human

Social media has changed the way we interact with brands. Brand communication is no longer a one-way channel — it’s a dialogue and a snappy, clever one at that.

Brand humanisation is about building connections, being personable in the way brands communicate. It’s a cultivation of a brand personality, if you will and its merit is widely recognised.

Marketing has become less transactional and more transformational. No longer are we selling things as much as selling experience. Clients want to FEEL — they want to be moved — and people respond to people, it’s that simple.

This new-found intimacy and interaction is a powerful tool. But only if done well and done right.

To strike the right connection and emotional chord, brand humanisation needs to be authentic. Authentic branding comes down to one thing: honesty.

In a recent article for Forbes, Michael Georgiou, Co-Founder at Imaginovation agrees: “Your brand’s authenticity has never been more relevant. According to recent Stackla data (via SocialMediaToday), 90% of customers mentioned authenticity as an important factor in deciding which brands they like and support.”

With authenticity one of the greatest drivers to customer loyalty, trust has to be at the heart of brand humanisation. Trust creates value and value is why people are attracted to brands. It means being authentic not just in appearance, but in who they truly are – from the inside out. It’s not enough to just look the part — brands have to walk it, live it and breathe it…

To be truly authentic, brands must champion their purpose and values internally.

Kirsten Ludwig, President and co-found of In Good Co – a purpose-driven creative agency – believes an authentic brand starts with its culture.

“Internally, we have to change culture, which then externally changes the brand. The bullshit meter has never been higher. It’s all about transparency and incorporating that purpose piece of it in a really authentic way that’s right for the brand.”

It’s not just what a brand says or does, it’s who is behind it, within it and how they think and feel that gives it personality — and kudos.

“Successful brands that have managed to integrate branding and culture have set themselves apart from the rest of the pack,” suggests expert, Denise Lee Yohn in her book Fusion: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.

“Great brands start inside, meaning they start brand-building by cultivating a strong brand-led culture, because culture is what determines whether you deliver on your brand promise.”

Brand humanisation is a very real way of creating meaningful and memorable connections. It’s an essential element of a branding strategy to boost customer loyalty, engagement and performance — but it can’t be a tick box exercise.

It’s not about donning a personality or playing a part. It’s a living, breathing entity — one that is influenced and interconnected by culture and community.

At Bretom, we believe whole-heartedly in the life-giving breath a people-centric approach can have on brands. It’s at the centre of all we do.

Our clients come to us looking for unique and human ways to create and elevate authentic human brands to drive connection and action — from the inside out.

And we deliver.

If you’re curious about how brand humanisation might look for your company and how it fits into your current culture, let’s chat.

Be more human. Be more Bretom.

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