Introducing Bretom Connect

Bretom Connect is part of our aim to create more connection and community amongst our broader network; at the same time, it’s a brilliant opportunity to pool our collective creative intelligence for a good cause.

At each Bretom Connect event, we focus on a creative challenge faced by our chosen charitable organisation. Inspired by the concept of a design sprint, a methodology developed by Jake Knapp and Google Ventures, we collaborate in small teams to offer insight and tools to help resolve the challenge. It’s fast-paced and a lot of fun!

Fostering connection

One of the central values that is very important to us at Bretom is connection. We believe that meaningful connection between people is everything, and that includes the way that brands communicate with their audiences. But it also extends to our team and how we work with each other.

At Bretom, our agile, client-centric approach means that sometimes our teams are geographically spread; so, whilst our crack teams always collaborate to deliver exceptional outputs, we don’t get much time to have those seemingly benign – but, actually, very important – water-cooler chats.

We like the people we work with too so that’s another good reason to get together and swap ideas in a slightly less formal setting.

Added to this we are very proud of the work that our teams produce and we recognise that they work hard to ensure that our clients are always delighted by the results. If possible, we think it’s important to acknowledge and reward this beyond the standard payment for time contributed.

So, what started as a vague musing has now come to life as an opportunity to connect and build our community, as well as those of others.

People, meaning and connection are everything to us; brands are nothing without them. We connect your brand to the people who matter, in a way that matters.

Something for the good of everyone

We can’t possibly solve all the creative brand or communications issues of any given charity at a single Bretom Connect event. But what we can do is bring energy and different perspectives to the most pressing challenge. With focus and some creative sparkle, we offer practical ideas and communication tools that are usually beyond the budgets and in-house resources of most charitable organisations.

The result is hopefully connection, creative insight and fun (with purpose, not just for its own sake) and the feel-good factor of helping those in need.

It’s nice to be able to give a little something back on occasions, to bring a little human connection in our digital worlds. And frankly, whilst there’s nothing inherently wrong with an average networking event, it’s good to do something a little different too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Bretom Connect, or getting involved, please contact Louise. Information about our latest Bretom Connect event can be found here.

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