Supercharge Your Employer Brand: The Creative Testing Advantage

Employer brand creative testing is a critical process for organisations seeking to attract, engage, and retain top talent. In today’s competitive job market, where companies are vying for the best candidates, having a strong and appealing employer brand is essential. This is where creative testing comes into play.

Employer brand creative testing refers to the systematic evaluation of various elements of an organisation’s branding materials, such as job advertisements, career websites, social media content, videos, and internal engagement collateral aimed at potential and current employees. The testing process involves presenting these materials to a target audience and analysing their reactions and feedback. Here’s why it’s important:


  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Creative testing provides valuable data and insights that can guide decision-making. Analysing reactions and preferences to different creative elements, such as visuals, language, tone, and content placement, helps organisations make informed choices about their branding strategy, focusing on what works best.


  1. Engagement and Connection: Creative testing can help to understand which creative elements candidates connect emotionally with. Engaging and relatable content can spark interest, increase the time candidates spend on career websites or reading job descriptions, and encourage them to envision themselves as part of the team.


  1. Differentiation: A strong employer brand sets a company apart from its competitors. Creative testing allows organisations to identify unique attributes and values that resonate with employees. By showcasing what makes the company unique, it becomes more attractive to candidates seeking a distinctive work environment and nurtures advocacy amongst current employees.


  1. Cost-Efficiency: Investing in creative testing can save organisations money in the long run. By identifying and addressing potential issues or areas of improvement early on, organisations can avoid costly mistakes and adjustments after a campaign is launched.


  1. Continuous Improvement: The job market, candidate and employee preferences evolve over time. Regular creative testing ensures that an employer brand remains relevant and appealing. Organisations can adapt to changing trends and needs by incorporating feedback and insights from ongoing testing.


  1. Reducing Bias: Creative testing can help organisations identify any potential biases in their branding materials, ensuring that their messaging is inclusive and appeals to a diverse range of candidates.


  1. Stakeholder engagement: Internal creative testing is also a brilliant way to engage and involve key stakeholders across the business. It gives them a voice and an opportunity to contribute towards the future employer brand, gaining their support and buy-in at a critical stage before launch.


Most employer brands need review and adjustments every 3-4 years to accommodate new ways of working, new workforces, and organisational growth. When was the last time you really analysed your employer brand? It’s never too late.

At Bretom, we have vast experience of employer brand creative testing, and can help you with those nips and tucks that might be needed. Take the next step to supercharge your employer brand and get in touch.

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