Why outsource your brand marketing?

As a business leader or manager, should you keep brand marketing in-house, use external creative partners, or a combination of both? With our approach, you can have the best of all worlds. Download or read on below…

#1 Flexibility

Brand and marketing communications needs naturally fluctuate over time: annual industry cycles, new partnerships, business development and wider market conditions, all play their part.

Bretom’s delivery model was built to flex; scaling to support the long-term objectives and tactical requirements of each client. Whether operating as an entirely outsourced department, extension of in-house teams, or plugging temporary gaps created by leavers or team expansion, our agile team of specialists is united by the challenges and ambitions of our clients.

#2 Results-driven

Investment must deliver results; whether building genuine brand awareness, driving the generation of leads or attracting future talent. Understanding and engaging the audience must inspire desired action. Otherwise, what’s the point?

At the start of any project, Bretom seeks in-depth understanding of the target audience and clarification of the desired outcomes. Bringing focus to the detail and data opens up the opportunity for creative thinking, innovation and impact. We hold ourselves accountable and pride ourselves on showing the value delivered.

#3 Transparency

Trust is hard won and easily lost. For partnerships to prosper, collaboration must be supported by clear commercials and best practice operating models.

Our no-nonsense approach to commercial and operational transparency means our clients pay for exactly what they need, by the hour, by the day, or by the project: whichever makes most commercial sense for them. Open lines of communication mean everyone is clear about timeframes and expectations don’t need to be ‘managed’.

#4 Expertise

Engaging an outsourced creative partner facilitates access to an extensive talent pool of subject matter experts. As the tools, channels and sophistication of brand marketing evolves, this support ensures in-house teams remain current, relevant and inspired.

At Bretom, our network of experts integrate with our clients to deliver strategic, creative and digital projects as one. Sharing responsibility for the creation of best practice, authentic communications and campaigns that resonate with the audiences that matter most.

#5 Human touch

Seeking out connection and engagement between the people behind a brand and individual clients, customers, employees and investors requires more than beautiful design or clever words. It requires emotional intelligence, care and passion.

At Bretom every client, every brand and every deliverable matters. We pride ourselves on constructively challenging our clients to think differently and search for stronger connections with their audience(s). It makes us happy to see our client’s brands making their mark, knowing that we played our part.

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