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Having established a market-leading reputation for delivering agile and hybrid support services to the UK’s top law firms, Intelligent Office recognised the need to evolve their own digital presence. As a fast-growing business with an ever-expanding service offering, and consequently significantly more to communicate, Intelligent Office required a platform from which to showcase rich content and engage their audiences. The brand design and tone of voice both required an overhaul to create a seamless journey across all channels and provide a foundation on which to reflect important messages more consistently.

Connecting and engaging with key audiences

Creating meaningful connection with different stakeholders was a major criteria so driving improvements in the website structure, user navigation and experience were at the heart of our approach. Our starting point was research and insight on the core audiences’ viewing and search habits – what was most important to them and where were they spending their time to find information?

Principle content was re-written to address audience challenges and the barriers they face in implementing operational change. A suite of modern, relateable imagery together with engaging videos now help to convey Intelligent Office’s multi-dimensional approach to modern business operations – a complex interweave of people, technology and process – with solutions grounded in data, analysis and their significant experience.

Intelligent Office logo“We needed a new site that reflected the current and future ambitions of the business whilst also being engaging and visually appealing. Bretom worked with a range of stakeholders within our business to understand and then bring that vision to life. Crucially for us, they were willing to invest the time to work with us iteratively which was hugely helpful to us and ensured we got the end product we wanted.”

Sam, Head of Business Development, Intelligent Office


A focus on people and service

With people and service excellence at the heart of the business, and a strong, vibrant culture it was important to elevate the human face of the business. Alongside the staff imagery, management team profiles now highlight the leadership and innovation within the business and the People section has been substantially expanded into a mini hub of information for those applying and being TUPE’d into the business.

The new site performance and functionality now delivers a first-class user experience across all devices. Streamlined navigation aids the user journey through rich content, complemented by visual assets that signpost key content leading to clear calls to action. Behind the scenes, the content management system offers a simple and straightforward way for internal stakeholders to edit content and make insight-led optimisation updates.

Positioning a brand for success

The team at Bretom work with established brands, SMEs and entrepreneurs across a wide variety of sectors. We recognise that every client is different and our partnership ethos ensures the right solution is always delivered and that meaningful brands are built. If you’d like to discuss your company and how we can help you position the brand for success, get in touch!

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