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Whole-hearted creativity

Lockton takes its clients’ success personally and, as the world’s largest independent insurance broker, is empowered to put the needs of their clients front and centre in everything they do. It’s ‘Broking Done Differently‘.

Lockton came to Bretom looking for a way to bring this propositioning statement, established back in 2013, to life. They recognised that in order to grow within a crowded market, they must differentiate themselves by showcasing their values – connecting emotionally with key audiences whilst portraying professionalism and commitment.

We explored a range of different creative approaches, addressing messaging routes and art-working styles. Each were presented to the client with clear advantages and limitations — whilst we always have a recommendation, we believe strongly that a successful creative partnership requires both parties to be equally involved in decision-making.

Once the direction was agreed, we developed the preferred route into a variety of key visuals, headlines and supporting copy. These would provide the foundations not only for the website banners, but for other brand assets such as recruitment and marketing collateral.

When the new website was launched, and the campaign revealed, the impact was immediate and far-reaching. Whilst this brief started out as UK-only temporary executions, based on the success of the campaign, the assets, style and content are now being rolled out as the house style visual identity for the firm around the globe. And as for the Bretom team – we’re busy working on the next stage of the campaign, to support Lockton in their continued mission to do things differently.

More information about Lockton can be found here.