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delivering social rapport and personality

With millions of people browsing and engaging on social media daily, we know it’s imperative to make these platforms work for you.

We enable you to target your audience, based on their interests, demographics and more. Because we focus on the metrics that matter, we give you a 360º view of your social media performance – raising audience awareness, growing your brand, boosting engagement and driving traffic to your site.

We can help you find, create and manage the content you post – and schedule it at the right time, to target the right audience. It’s all about telling your brand story in a way that is personal and personable. Informing and inspiring. It’s a two way conversation, making your brand more human. It’s what we do.

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“We wanted to increase the volume and range of content we were producing to take advantage of good market conditions for our business. Bretom were brilliant at understanding our jargon-rich language regarding the sector we sell to and the solutions we provide, creating content that had impact. They were also great at delivering our plan on our behalf, ensuring we were communicating with our audience very consistently which led to increased engagement in our solutions.”

Sam, Head of Business Development, Intelligent Office UK