driving awareness
and galvanising action

Having established a solid reputation for strategic and tactical delivery of support services for law firms, Intelligence Office invited Bretom to create a compelling brand proposition and campaign to expand awareness, positioning IO as a first choice partner for significant change programmes. Their messages needed to transcend traditional service features and solutions to address specific audience challenges – in particular the high level of perceived risk around making significant changes in a traditional industry.


Building trusted relationships and demonstrating integrity are both key to the sales process and the longevity of strategic client partnerships. Bretom’s creative team collaborated to develop a central proposition – de-risking transformative, operational change – and providing structure for a nuanced campaign that positioned IO as a supportive partner rather than a supplier simply interested in transactional delivery.


We collaborated with IO to create a suite of content to support this positioning, including Thought Leadership articles, management team interviews and commentary to establish authority and credibility. This was further supported by tactical content, blogs, testimonials, infographics, staff experience videos and new client announcements resulting in an increase of website traffic and a ten-fold increase in audience awareness and engagement across social media channels.


“We wanted to increase the volume and range of content we were producing to take advantage of good market conditions for our business. Bretom were brilliant at understanding our jargon-rich language regarding the sector we sell to and the solutions we provide, creating content that had impact. They were also great at delivering our plan on our behalf, ensuring we were communicating with our audience very consistently which led to increased engagement in our solutions.”

Sam, Head of Business Development, Intelligent Office