creative expression of culture

There is a professional yet collegiate culture at Oaklin, the result of staff at all levels being actively encouraged to take an interest in, and contribute their views on every aspect of the business. Having gathered the sentiments of all employees towards the company’s values – team, exceptional, inclusive, genuine – Oaklin challenged Bretom to creatively express both the values and the team’s broad associations with each.


Sensitively and sympathetically evolving the contributions of all employees was critical. Additionally, whilst clearly incorporating the brand identity, we sought to be daring with the creative execution and reflect the brand’s personality.


Four stunning, iconic designs that the whole Oaklin team can relate to resulted. Displayed around the office and more subtly elsewhere, the detail of the graphics invite ongoing engagement and discussion, as well as offering a positive reminder of the strong employer brand that Oaklin has established.


“Our team was delighted by the way that Bretom intelligently distilled what our values mean. The beautiful, eye-catching concepts capture many of our ideas, testament to Bretom’s ability to truly listen and understand.

Stephanie Meehan, Partner, Oaklin Consulting