flexible, integrated marketing support

Recognised by the FT as one of the UK’s leading management consultancies, Oaklin has many strengths; the exceptionally professional but equally team-focused and inclusive working culture is one of them. It is against this backdrop that the Bretom team has had the pleasure of supporting the Oaklin team in delivering a wide variety of brand communications which showcase their unique culture and differentiate them from competitors.

Working as a de facto outsourced marketing department, Bretom’s partnership with Oaklin has spanned proactive support of major new business pitches, creating animations and branded collateral, internal communications and recruitment assets. Our priority throughout has been to distil the essence of the Oaklin brand, bringing it to life and helping the personality of their people to shine.


As a modern consultancy, Oaklin is unencumbered by stuffy industry traditions, presenting Bretom with an opportunity to supplement the established brand identity with flexible new brand assets. Simple, effective line drawings and icons, combined with striking but natural photography promote Oaklin’s agile yet approachable, pragmatic culture and business approach throughout print and digital communications.


A distinctive and instantly recognisable suite of brand communications collateral is the outcome of creative exploration simultaneously combined with consistent and sympathetic application across myriad assets. Oaklin’s genuine brand values shine throughout each execution, inviting ongoing engagement with clients and prospects, as well as offering a positive reinforcement of the strong employer brand that Oaklin has also established.


“We love working with the Bretom team. They are super flexible, willing to listen to our whacky ideas or last-minute requests, and very patient with us when we change our minds. Bretom’s response to our briefs is always thoughtful, creative, and tailored – you can really tell that the have a deep understanding what makes Oaklin unique. Above all, they are genuinely lovely people to work with, and really feel like part of the Oaklin team.”

Ben Parsons, Partner, Oaklin Consulting