a framework for differentiation

Vario Managed Legal Services from Pinsent Masons (Vario MLS) provides scalable resources and flexible teams, to streamline legal processes with timely solutions, enabling businesses to focus on what’s ahead.

With ambitions to grow and differentiate themselves in an evolving, fast-paced and highly competitive industry, Vario MLS set the Bretom team a challenge: craft an impactful market proposition, that perfectly articulates Vario MLS’s unique service offering to a wide range of potential buyers.


Through the application of workshops, competitor research and stakeholder interviews, we worked closely with the Vario MLS team to understand their business vision, scalable resource offering and identify their point of difference in the marketplace. Stress testing USPs and messaging points with key stakeholders, we developed a market proposition that felt unique and compelling, with enough flexibility to be used across print and digital platforms. Alongside the core proposition, we delivered a robust messaging framework that can be flexed to meet different buyer needs.


Working with an evolving brief, the Vario MLS team expressed their delight at Bretom’s ability to quickly comprehend and articulate their market proposition in a way that felt fresh and differentiating. When asked if the project has been a success and driven the desired business results, Jess, Marketing Assistant at Pinsent Masons Vario, gave Bretom a five (out of five)-star rating.


“I am really happy with the work from Katie, Rebecca and team on our MLS messaging rebranding. Bretom did a great job! I look forward to implementing the messaging with internal colleagues and to external audiences.”

Jess, Marketing Assistant, Pinsent Masons Vario