merging multiple voices into one, compelling, consistent voice

Global procurement consultancy Proxima and Supply Management Insider, completed an extensive “State of Procurement Study” that delivered powerful and valuable insights to all procurement business services. The challenge was to clearly and positively present the findings, creatively engaging the reader and enabling them to connect the Thought Leadership and messaging to the reality of their role and business.


Starting with this report, we created a new visual identity for Proxima Thought Leadership that was both on brand and unique; successfully merging multiple voices into one, compelling, consistent voice. We presented key data points and related insights as infographics – rather than swathes of text – allowing the reader to quickly and easily absorb the narrative.

Bretom project-managed the entire process delivering a succinct, world-class report – successfully re-telling the insights and findings, in a way that reflected the care, commitment and vision of Proxima’s investment into the procurement industry.

“As a consultancy, we see part of our role as leading the procurement industry into the future, engaging all parties in challenging and constructive conversations about how to do things better. Bretom has delivered an A+ project to support this vision.”

Sarah, Head of Marketing, Proxima