delivering a multi-language campaign

RUBIX is Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services. Having committed unprecedented investment in the design of a comprehensive sales e-learning curriculum, building employee engagement and participation was key.

RUBIX appointed Bretom, in August 2021, to deliver an eight-month internal communications campaign to (re)establish the importance of e-learning, raise awareness of the training available and embed the idea of personal development within their sales community of 1,200+ employees.


Working closely with the L&D team, leveraging pre-existing internal communication channels, Bretom focussed on crafting a strong narrative through fresh, informative, and effective content. By engaging employees across Europe, we created a series of succinct videos focussing on peer recommendations and endorsements of the e-learning platform and available training. This content, supported with a broad range of digital assets and animations, ensured the campaign messaging was relatable, sparked curiosity and drove action.

All assets were translated into (a minimum of) seven languages to ensure the content was accessible to all.


By the end of the communications campaign, over 25,500 programmes had been completed and when asked if ‘the project has been successful and driven the desired business results’ Ben, Group HR Analyst gave Bretom 5 (out of 5) stars.

The RUBIX team rated the overall success of the project 5 out of 5.



One month in: “We have achieved a lot in the last month and have managed the complex logistics of a multi-language rollout in an environment that is not very mature around orchestrating pan-European projects. I am very excited about the months ahead and the rich content that is yet to be deployed. Thank you for your hard work.” Filip – Group Head of Talent and Organisation Development
End of campaign:  “Rebecca has been amazing throughout the project. Our deadlines sometimes were too short, but she was able to wisely use the time to get things [turned] around quickly. It has been a pleasure working with her.” Sasi – E-learning Advisor